Writing A College Application Essay

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Tips for writing a college application essay

A college application essay is the one thing that allows the selection team experience who you are. The essay brings out your character and gives the selection team to a chance to know what you are capable of beyond the grades presented in your academic documents. It can make or break your dreams of joining a particular college depending on how you write it. To make it easier for you, we have highlighted some of the things you should know when writing your essay.

  • Original is better

Many students forget that the essay will be used to gauge your personality. Therefore, they end up writing creative essays that are disconnected from their lives. This is contrary to recommendations where you are supposed to write about personal subjects. When writing your essay, it should about you as an individual. Additionally, you should not try to use colloquial language that you would never use in your daily life. You must display confidence in your essay if you will be accepted to that college.

  • Take time and take notes

You do not have to write the essay in a rush. You will have days to turn in the essay and thinking about your essay from the start is the best thing you can do. If need be, take notes about yourself and plan the flow of your writing. Again, you only want to turn in the best essay. Therefore, submitting the first draft is not recommended. As time passes by, you may realize you want to change the subject of your essay. But then you should not change when it is too late as this may affect the quality.

  • Uniqueness is preferred

Hundreds of students will be writing their college application essays at the same time as you. It is also possible you will apply to the same college with some of your friends. Therefore, do not try to write about a subject you discussed with them or anybody. Uniqueness is one other reason why essays with a personal subject do better than those discussing general matters. You should not copy what others are writing about and you will be surprised at the number of unique ideas you can generate.

  • Be real

Being original is one thing and being real is a whole different thing. If possible, you college application essay should be as real as possible. While creativity is still valued, things you have experienced on a personal level may make your essay more interesting. And if you choose this route, avoid exaggerating or writing about crude experiences. Facts and specific details ill strike the eyes of the college selection team while fake story can deny you a slot at your favorite prestigious college.

  • Proofread and edit

You should not submit your essay before rereading and editing it. The first and second drafts of the essay will often have spelling, punctuation and errors in the sentence structure. These can be removed if you keenly read through the text. If need be, you can seek proofreading and editing services either from professionals or your peers.

  • Follow guidelines

If the college you are applying to requires 650-words essays, then you should work within this limit. Read through the instructions and note what is required of you.

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