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Posted by Upwode Hurley

“I’m writing a final thesis, but I don’t like the topic of work”

Most likely, students often ask a question before writing their final thesis: “I write a job but don’t like the topic, what to do, write or write?”

Calm down, you will find in this article tips on what to do if, when writing a job, you understand that the topic you are looking for is “non-sticky”.

First of all, stay calm. The best part of this situation is that you have realized in time that you do not want or will not be able to write a good job on the topic. This is the best thing that could have happened since you are just in the first stage of writing a job, when everything can be changed.

Second, write down all the reasons for the paper, why you don’t like the job you have. In this way, you will find out easily and without stress the reasons why you do not want or cannot write a written paper. Only by knowing the reasons can you solve the problem.

Third, don’t hurry to make hasty decisions. When you find out the reasons why it’s hard for you to write a job, analyze them well. Maybe you will notice the reasons why it is difficult to write a final thesis, and you will not repeat the previous mistakes when choosing a new topic.

Fourth, when you know the reasons why you do not like the topic of work, think well what you will do next. In this situation, there are several options available:

If you still have time to work with the supervisor, try changing or adjusting the work topic as much as possible

Choose another writing object. Maybe the problem is not the work theme, but the chosen work object?

Look at writing your work at a different angle. Look at the work topic from another person’s position. Think about how such a theme would be revealed by other characters who actually work in such a situation. In this way, you can find an easier way to work.

Look for more information. Increased amount of information can help you change your opinion about writing a job. When searching for additional information, the topic you write is not just a “do not like, do not write a topic on the topic”, can change drastically to “I write the most interesting topic”

Ask your friends for help. If none of the above tips have helped you change your opinion on the topic of work, contact your nearest people for help. Friends or family insights can help reveal the interesting side of the topic. Maybe it was hard for you to look at the writing of the job because of the stress experienced during the last year of studies. And loved ones who are the least familiar with your work can provide interesting and useful insights.

Finally, when you use these points, before you write your final thesis on a favorite theme, get a good night’s sleep so that your thoughts and writing become easy. Then you’ll be able to enjoy it and say it out loud to everyone, “I’m writing a job for a loved one!”

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