The Fundamental Guide to Write a Marketing Dissertation

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Writing a Marketing Dissertation.

The task of coming up with a market dissertation requires you to understand the basics of marketing. The quality of your work depends on the knowledge of these concepts. Additionally, this is an opportunity to demonstrate your analytical, organizational, and creativity skills in research and writing. It is essential to incorporate these skills when covering a specific marketing problem in your paper.

Components of a Marketing Dissertation

While writing your paper, below is the outline to follow.

  • Have a short and summarized abstract: An abstract gives a summary of your marketing dissertation to your reader. A well-written abstract will persuade the reader to continue reading your paper.
  • Introduction: This is the part that creates the first impression of your paper to the reviewer. This part introduces the reader to the subject and what to expect in the subsequent pages. Ensure to have a well-crafted and eye-catching introduction to wow your reader's interest.
  • Avoid incoherence.
  • Literature review: This section gives an account of the previous studies conducted in the area under consideration. Moreover, it provides a baseline of your marketing dissertation. This part should be a list of existing studies and base it on objectives such as the topic's essence, linking your survey to the current research, and authentication of the subject matter.
  • Research Methodology: This part will provide the methods used in the research of your marketing dissertation. This section should give an account of whether the research is qualitative or quantitative.
  • Findings and Implication of the Research: This part covers the discoveries, analyses, and evaluations made in your research. Furthermore, the section goes ahead to give the importance of the study.
  • Ethical Issues: Here, you should mention the confidentiality of the issues you came across when conducting the study. The intention is to fully caution your readers to be fully aware of applying the information gathered.
  • Conclusion: In this section, you can do a summary of your study and make essential references. This section should make your reader aware conveyance of all the objectives of your research.
  • Citation of Bibliography: It an essential part since it acknowledges the sites used in your research. However, it is crucial to follow the approved and used citation method in your school.
  • Appendices: This is the last part of your work, including graphs, tables, questionnaires, and other statistical data to improve your reader's understanding of your work.

Things to Avoid when Writing a Marketing Dissertation.

Below are what to avoid.

  1. Avoid rushing: You may miss or omit essential points.
  2. Plagiarism: Avoid copying and posting other studies conducted before. Ensure your work is original.
  3. Tangents: Avoid going off-topic.
  4. Beginning too early or too late: Endeavor to strike a balance when writing your marketing dissertation.

Conclusively, your marketing dissertation determines the success or dismal of the topic under study. It is vital to produce professional work in all your paper; it goes on a long way to determine your program's final grade. With a keen interest in writing and excellent marketing dissertation, the points highlighted above will be of good help if properly applied.

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