The Basic Essay Writing Format

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Basic Essay Writing Format

Essay writing should be an easy process, and an essay writing format helps one organize their ideas and thoughts into logical points that flow and result in good quality and well-researched essay. The following steps can be used as a guide for a basic essay writing format. Try and keep to the order, especially if you’re a beginner, but more experienced writers can skip or combine steps. The steps are preparation, brainstorming, research, 

  1. Preparation

Before you write your essay, prepare by trying to understand what you need to accomplish. Any essay writing must have a goal or a reason why your teacher told you to write. Also, when writing your essay, always keep this goal in mind, so you do not go out of topic. The preparation stage consists of the following steps: Find out the purpose of the essay. Essays are written with the intention of persuading, describing a scenario, analyzing data, listing findings, and providing practical solutions. Then identify critical terms or what aspects of the topic should be written about. It could explain the digestion process in herbivores. These key terms give you direction on what to talk about when writing your essay. 

  1. Brainstorming

Here start by identifying the topic you have been given or choosing one if it’s not specified. Then jot down points on what you know about the topic. Next, do research on the topic like doing a basic google search to get a feel on the topic. Then look up academic articles on the topic to get more concrete points on the topic. Ensure you jot down at least five to seven points on your topic. 

Writing an Outline for Basic Essay Writing

All essays follow a basic outline that guides one to put the essay contents into a logical order. This outline is:

  1. Introduction
  2. Body 
  3. Conclusion

Read the points you have gotten from research and decide what your stand on the topic will be. This will form your thesis statement. Next, write a list of points that you will use to explain your thesis statement. Support each point with evidence such as citations, quotes by experts, or theories. Lastly, write a conclusion, i.e., summarize the key points, and then give a recommendation.  

Editing in Essay Writing 

After you have written your essay, read through the essay, and correct any grammatical errors – you can use spell check of any word processor. Also, add content to where you see gaps, re-arrange sentences, and remove repetition and off-topic items. Ensure your paragraphs are generally of the same size and contain evidence to support what you’re saying. 

You can go back and research more if you need to improve a certain point. If you use any writing formats such as MLA or APA, ensure you have applied them to your essay. Lastly, you could get someone to read your essay and give you feedback if possible, else, read it yourself one last time. Having followed these steps, your essay is bound to be presentable and reliable. As a result, your lecturer or professor will assign you a high grade, thus improving your performance.

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