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An Easy Essay Format for Your Assignments

You will often think about several things when writing an essay. First and most important, you will consider the format in which to present the writing. In situations where the supervisor has not given exact format requirements, students have several options. However, of all the format options available, the five-paragraph essay style is arguably the easiest to implement. It has three distinct sections that any student can implement but perhaps with some research and dedication.

Benefits of the 5-Paragraph Essay Format

Some of our benefits include:

  1. Saves time – one can dive into writing without having to research formats
  2. Does not require a lot of creativity – it is a standard format used across disciplines
  3. Anyone can write – the format is easy to abide by without creating anything new except essay content.

The Easy Essay Format

Like we have mentioned, the five-paragraph essay format is widely used for non-technical subjects. The structure has three distinct sections, each playing a vital role in ensuring the effectiveness of the whole.

Introduction Section

The introduction is the entry point to your essay. It is a one-paragraph section in which the writer explains the thesis statement and briefly tells the reader what to expect in the other areas of the paper. It is also logical for a student to include a brief background to enable the reader to understand why the thesis needs to be evaluated. The introduction should be catchy to attract the readers' attention and arouse their interest in the subject. However, it is not enough to get the reader to like your introduction, and you should put effort into ensuring they read the full essay. You can achieve this by using paragraph hook statements both at the beginning and end of a paragraph.

The body

The real events take place in the essay. This is where you should explain your ideas about the thesis statement. With the five-paragraph easy essay format, you can only write three body paragraphs. The first paragraph strongly supports your thesis statement while the second and third reinforce the support using different ideas.

Each of the body paragraphs contains three types of sentences. First, each has either an introduction or reverse hook sentence. This sentence either introduces the main idea of the paragraph or connects the current idea with others discussed in the previous section. The second type is a topic sentence or details sentence. The details sentence usually explains the topic sentence in relation to the thesis statement. You can have several detail sentences for as long as they are adding value to the essay.

The third type of sentence in your essay body is the conclusion or hook. The first and second paragraphs often use a hook to introduce the contents of the next section. On the other hand, the third paragraph may use a concluding sentence to usher in the essay conclusion.

The conclusion  

This section is summarized your essay in as few words as possible. You must remember to restate the thesis statement and weave it to the ideas discussed in the body part. The conclusion can also express a lesson learned from a personal experience if you write an analogy-style essay. 

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