How to Write an Attractive College Essay

Posted by Upwode Hurley

Definition of a College Essay

A college essay is a requirement from higher learning institutions that request all the students to write explaining more about themselves at an individual level. The pieces act as your marketing tool to be considered for the opportunity to join the institution. Moreover, your chances of being accepted are dependent on how well you write your college essay.

Essential Considerations to Make When Writing Your College Essay

Below are the key aspects to keenly expound.

  • Tell a good story: This is the part to demonstrate the compassionate side of yourself. Refrain from mentioning too many complaints; talk about a few, and how you overcame the issues effectively.
  • Be real in your writing: It is advisable to speak from the heart; it makes your essay flow more easily. Writing about encounters you have experienced gives you vivid details necessary in your writing.
  • Focusing on one face of yourself: Committees conducting admissions look for impressive essays. You can cover as many topics as possible, but the secret is in the ideas or articulation.
  • Write specifically about yourself: The reviewer or admission commission is looking to know more about you, your achievements, goals, values, personality, and character. Make sure you make your star shine in this section to be awarded the opportunity.
  • Ensure you present yourself in the best light: Be positive about yourself, and if you must include weakness or a demeanor factor, put it in a way to still be an advantage.
  • Add information about you not included in the admission: The college essay is more detailed than your application; hence admission officers will get a deeper understanding of you in the paper.
  • Be truthful: Do not give any false account since you risk getting your application rejected should they unveil the truth. Moreover, check on plagiarism, which is detectable easily.
  • Diversify your vocabulary your essay: Avoid using repetitive words by using synonyms. Additionally, check on using fancy words to make your work look scholarly. Use simple words to express yourself comfortably.
  • Be mindful of your grammar and spelling: Submitting work with grammatical errors and spelling mistakes shows how clumsy you are. Use sites such as Grammarly to do the editing and correction for you.

The Importance of College Essays

  1. College essays account for up to 30% of admissions: A poorly written piece can sink a strong application. College essays require a lot of seriousness when writing.
  2. College essays give the admission committee the distinctive quality about you to grant you the opportunity among the many applicants.
  3. College essays allow you to tell the reviews other qualities about you beyond your grades, extracurricular activities, and test scores.

Writing a college essay can be a daunting task, but by carefully following the points mentioned above, your work will be less laborious. Keep in mind this paper is your marketing tool for your application, hence giving it your best shot. Ensure you do significant due diligence of what to write in your essay and ways to communicate your points in a manner to wow your reader’s interest.

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