Graduation papers. What are the competences of a student in writing diploma papers?

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Writing a diploma paper is a significant stage in student learning. A bachelor’s thesis, whether it is a bachelor’s thesis or a master thesis, is an assessment of the student’s theoretical and practical skills throughout the study period. In this article we present the competences that a student acquires during his / her studies, preparing for the writing of diploma papers.

Diploma work – application of theoretical knowledge. At school, pupils have to read books because they are marked with marks, in contrast to universities and high schools, where students go to libraries to read books because they deliberately want to broaden their knowledge of a subject. During graduation, the student reads dozens of books that he uses to write his work. In this way, the ability to apply the theoretical knowledge of other authors to their writing works is acquired.

Diploma papers – application of practical skills. While preparing for the final thesis, students are at least once trained at business offices or have practical skills in working and combining studies. When writing their diploma papers, students adapt their practical skills acquired in the real labor market or only during practical studies. Ex. The graduate is able to form a questionnaire quickly and without major embarrassment, or to look at the theoretical knowledge from practical experience and present his / her empirical examples.

Diploma work – strengthening of analytical skills. Students prepare excellent analytical skills when preparing the final parts of the thesis. Analysis of collected research data, drawing of graphs and charts and their comparison with theoretical knowledge encourages the student’s ability to think analytically.

Diploma work – diligence. All diploma papers, both coursework and final – bachelor or master – must be properly prepared according to the methodological requirements. The most important point of methodological requirements is the citation of literature and sources, which students have to pay close attention to. Correct formalization of each quotation, ordering of paragraphs from students requires a great deal of care.

Diploma papers – public speaking. Writing a diploma paper is inseparable from the presentation of public work. In addition to being able to prepare informative slides, prepare for the presentation language, but be able to courageously represent the audience during the defense of the final thesis.

All these competences acquired during the course of studies are the preparation before entering the labor market, where much more will be required from an already qualified specialist. But you don’t really have to be frightened, but during the whole year of study you have acquired enough skills to successfully enter the labor market! Good luck writing diploma papers!

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