Format of Essay in English

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Format of Essay in English

The aim of writing is to communicate your ideas. Sometimes this is not possible because of the wrong language, words, and expressions. It is thus essential to know the format of an essay in English so as to ensure that you are communicating to your audience when writing your essay. 

When writing essays in English, critical formatting points to look out for include

  1. text clarity, 
  2. word-choice
  3. sentence structure
  4. grammatical errors & wrong language use

The following tips will help you write a well-formatted essay in English.  

Format of Essays in English 

For one to write a professional essay in English, it is necessary that one acquires the basic grammar and punctuation format in essays in English. Basic grammar includes proper adjective and verb use, proper pronoun and article usage, and good sentence structure. Also, know how to use standard punctuation like commas, apostrophes, and periods. 

  1. Active Voice Format in Essays in English

It is recommended to minimize the overuse of passive voice and instead use the active voice in essay writing as it makes the point come out stronger, and it makes the essay easier to follow and more captivating. 

  1. Passive voice – In the questionnaire, it was stated that …..
  2. Active voice –in the questionnaire, it is stated that ……  
  1. Formatting of Repetition in Essays of English

Another point to make a note of is repetition. This is the use of unnecessary words that add no value to a sentence and instead tend to distract or hinder understanding the arguments in the essay. 

Idioms formatting of essays in English

Also, avoid idioms and clichés and use your own words as this shows that you lack the skill to argue out your own thoughts or that you have little understanding of the topic – hence your need to copy other people's statements. 

  1. Vocab Use in Essays of English

The use of proper language and vocabulary is essential in the format of essays in English. Avoid the use of big words, especially if you are not sure what they mean. Please keep the language plain and simple and aim to convince the reader about your topic and not impress them on your vocabulary or English language mastery. 

  1. Format of Essay in English – Sentence Structure 

When writing your arguments, make sure you connect them to your essay's main topic or thesis statement. Only include evidence that strongly and clearly supports your points and avoids including too many examples to support one point, which leads to wordiness. Also, avoid long sentences and minimize the use of jargon. Also, make sure each sentence ends with a punctuation mark (full stop, question mark, etc.). Also, make sure a sentence uses only one tense (past, present, etc.) 

  1. Plagiarism

This is the intentional use of someone’s work without citation as your work. Also, disorganized writing and carelessly researched work is just as bad as plagiarism and should be avoided. Take time to research and to give credit to other people’s research.  

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