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The Five-Paragraph Essay Layout Format

Essay writing is a critical skill for every student and researcher. However, students get confused when choosing the layout format to use more often than not. It happens when you have the topic and are sure about the writing style, but you do not know how to structure your writing. When such a thing happens, then it is better to fall back to the classic 5-paragraph essay. And what is this type of layout? Here is what you have.

  1. The introduction
  2. The body into three paragraphs
  3. Paragraph one
  4. Paragraph two
  5. Paragraph three
  6. conclusion

When writing an essay, you want to be sure someone will be interested. Your essay should contain one introductory paragraph that gives the reader a brief background and an overview of the paper. You must excitingly introduce the thesis statement to the reader in this section. Bland and straight out introductions perform poorly in getting the attention of readers. Therefore, you should use a fact, a statistical figure, or an interesting question whose answer the reader would want to know. Additionally, your introduction paragraph should give the user a hint on what to expect in the next section.

In this essay layout format, you are only allowed to have three paragraphs in the body. They should be written as explained below.

The first paragraph of an essay picks from where the introduction left. It utilizes the hook statement from the introduction to weave the body to the introduction. After picking up, you should state the best point in your essay. Therefore, you will require to plan your essay before writing to determine the strongest point. Again, remember that you only have three paragraphs to express yourself. Therefore, you must select a logical combination of ideas that will get you a good score–if your essay will be marked.

Like with the previous section, this starts where the first paragraph ended. However, remember it is not a continuation of ideas but rather a logical, sequential order. The first line of the section is often a reverse hook that links back to the first paragraph. You can either decide to have the same sentence serve as the topic sentence or introduce the section's subject in the second sentence. The second paragraph should not repeat the ideas communicated in the first one, and neither should it steal away the content of the third paragraph. However, you will need to connect it to the two.

The third idea in your essay plan should be discussed in the third paragraph. This is considered a weak argument, but it is not essentially weak since your essay plan can have more ideas that you will not write about. Like other paragraphs, this should be related to the thesis statement and adequately connected to the previous sections using a reverse hook. However, you will not need a hook here since it will be the last content paragraph.

The essay conclusion is usually a reflection of what you discussed in previous sections. It restates the thesis statements and indicates creatively that the discussion is coming to a close.

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